Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lake Heron in Washington

med lk 052

My plan was to ignore this lake, Heron, as it was just the typical kind of blog pictures, you see so often. However, on my way back (from my Sunday drive), I was captivated by the lowering sun on the reeds.

med lk 054

med lk 058

Lake Heron, is less than 5 minutes from my house and is surrounded by wilderness, there are a few homes by the lake but very few.

med lk 055

This picture looks like the sky and lake meet, but indeed they do not.

med lk 059

med lk 039

I just couldn’t stop, I was fascinated by all the grasses, the colors and the shadows.

med lk 060

There certainly is a beauty in what most of us might call ‘weeds’.


  1. All of the pictures are beautiful!! You are blessed to live so close to so much beauty.....I love the tall grass and its movement.

  2. I enjoy photographing weeds. Sometimes they prove to be some of my best loved photos.


  3. All things in nature, if one looks close enough, is beauty in itself. Your pics prove that. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my! You're so fortunate to live in the vicinity of something so beautiful. What a serene sight to see! I like how the grass is wild and the waters are calm. :)


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