Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall-Inside Out


I didn’t realize how many fall colors I had inside the house, until the leaves turned.

hutch 002

fall 002

fall 019 

fall 012

fall 020

fall 014

fall 009

One more piece of art…outside my window.


  1. I love the art outside your window the best, Karen! I wanted to tell you that I love the pic on your blog header. You have such an eye for composition. Really nice!

  2. You certainly have some beautiful art inside your home...did you paint any of them?

  3. Karen, you have such good taste...hope our new guest house turns out as nice as your pics...on the de-clutter sister-in-law treats her house like an art gallery and has different "shows" about three times a year...rotates all of her "stuff"...

  4. You do have a lot of fall colors in your home...... a what a beautiful view you have out your window!


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