Thursday, November 11, 2010

One Fine and Foggy Morn

Sorry about the late post, my server was down forever, today.  Guess the foggy day affected my computer!  lol 

foggy 004 

foggy 006

foggy 007


  1. What nice pictures. I like the black and whites. I should try my camera on that setting.
    That is a nice card you got from Sharon. Boy some of these girls can make up some really pretty ones.

  2. Actually, that one is not for me, I can't say who is getting it yet. We both sent off our cards this week. I am hooked on this! So fun!

  3. Sometiimes I do think the weather affects our computers...mine has been so slow the last couple of it seems fine...sun is shining..the cards are lovely..certainly could be worse things to be addicted to...have fun!

  4. beautiful views! I hate when computers are off or slow!

  5. Love your foggy pictures..... we're having foggy mornings here in Texas. I love looking at the fog, but sure don't want to drive in it.....


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