Friday, January 7, 2011

Some Finished Projects of 2010

porch 003

This was posted in September as I was redecorating my back porch.  I made a new coat hanger with old driftwood from the Spokane River and used some old door knobs for the hangers.  You can see this post at

porch 008

Some new paint and some vintage, start to make this porch a new addition to the interior!

porch 008

porch 003

porch 019 Lots of fun with windows…..

dilly 004 And some canning, Dilly Beans, Dill Pickles, Bread and Butter and some Zucchini relish.   Just the easy stuff! 


002 When I found this at the thrift store, I had to refurbish it and give it to Grayson (grandson age 1-1/2) and guess what?  He loves it!  Whenever I come to visit, he rushes over to show me he knows who gave it to him!

men's 003

This was the Men’s Wear Quilt I made last January for my nephew.  He was moving into his first home and had no real furniture….he got a little comfort and warmth. 

tt 002 (800x600)

And then there was this….Trailer Trash got trashed by the wind!  Did I cause this with the silly name I chose? Probably not, but with mixed feelings, the remodel of my 1959 Aljo, came to a screeching halt!  It has been a difficult process, as the more I got into it the more dry rot I found, the more dismantle I did. And since I don’t have a ‘girl cave’, she was totally exposed to the elements.  A freak wind in the middle of July ripped her open like a can opener.  No wonder they call these tin cans!

ms daisy 018 (1024x783)

But good things come to those who wait!  I was very reluctant to get another trailer but I got an email from my sweet MJ Farmgirl sister, Grace (katmom), and she convinced me to take a look at this 1969 Shasta 1400, over in Post Falls, Idaho.  I was smitten with her right away, she was road ready, wider, roomier and even had a bathroom!  It was October and the weather got nasty, right away.  So this baby (Driving Ms Daisy, aka Ms Daisy, for short) is waiting for mama to spiff her up, in the Spring.  I want her all dressed up for many road trips, the first being in May, to Prosser, WA, to meet up with other Farmgirls and possibly some Sisters on the Fly.

crafting 008 And in November, revamping an old exterior door into a new office door with old hardware.

  tt quilt 002 (768x1024)

This is my Trailer Trash quilt, it is waiting for it’s binding, upstairs in my sewing room, as we speak.  I got it back from the quilter ,right after Trailer Trash died, so I didn’t have a lot of incentive to finish it.  However, I now have Ms. Daisy and I am going to use a similar color scheme, so she will get some use out there. 

tt quilt 015 (1024x768)


  1. wow!! a very productive year!!
    love how looks your canning jars and what you did with that trailer!!

  2. Goodness, I remember most all of them. So nice to have spent the year with you, friend!! Will be there, God willing, through the next year too!!!!

  3. Still makes me sad to see trailer trash and looking forward to seeing Ms Daisy...Happy New Year to you Karen!

  4. simply adore this've been one busy chickie!

  5. I love all that you've done!!!! I'm feeling very 'unproductive'..., but oh well..... I'll come back and enjoy and look at all that you've done again and again!!!

    I love your cute little trailer with puppy waiting inside to go 'somewhere'....

  6. You sure did get a lot accomplished in 2010. Sometimes we don't even realize it until we take a look back. What a shame with poor trailer trash, I would have been so shocked to see such a disaster in my own yard. I love the door knobs on driftwood. I used to buy doorknobs and attach them to old molding, but the driftwood is such a great idea. Love all your projects.


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