Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meeting MaryJane’s Farmgirls….

                    orofino 006 

A group of Farmgirls from Missouri, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, and Washington got together in Orofino, Idaho at the home of Diana and Cy P.  They live above Dworschak Dam on top of a mountain.  It’s an incredible view from just about any viewpoint.  Being camera happy, I got lots of pictures.

 orofino 004 

These are from their front deck.

 orofino 077 Diana and Cy…thanks, guys!

                orofino 010 


             orofino 014


                       orofino 003 (600x800) 

Diane from Wisconsin, crocheting a hat, while enjoying a beautiful view on the deck.

                 orofino 035 


          orofino 048 


                 orofino 052 

CJ, organizer of Farmgirls on the Loose, Wild West Farmgirls, doing a little dance while making notes for the final leg of the trip. 

       orofino 053 

We stopped to have lunch during our thrifting trip in Orofino, right here…nope, not the Redneck …..the one on the corner!  The air conditioning was a welcome relief from the 96 temps outside! 

      orofino 054  That evening Cy took us down to the lake (Dworschak) and showed us the most beautiful (free) campsites on the lake. 

       orofino 057 


orofino 059 

Then Cy gave us a real treat…a cool down on his boat.  It was a blast and so refreshing!

         orofino 068 

         orofino 075 

Cy collected a few pieces of driftwood…I even brought home a little piece.   

          orofino 076 


            orofino 080  From left to right; Robin, Diana, Karen (me), Wende, Diane and CJ.  We all had a wonderful time meeting each other and playing in Idaho.


  1. Oh my, you farm girls look like you had a heck of a good time!

    Your pictures are beautiful.....beautiful scenery!!!!!

  2. What fantastic pictures....looks like you all are having a wonderful time!

  3. Karen, You look so happy! Those free campsites look great.. I could see myself parked there for a while!...

  4. What a great adventure. You pictures are breathtaking, Looking at them is just like taking a deep breath.

  5. Good Times! Beautiful country. So glad you found your way there.

  6. You look so happy, Karen! So glad you are having such a great summer! Your pictures are beautiful! What a place!!

  7. Fantastic photos...I need to 'shadow' you & your camera.
    Glad you had a wonderful time....

  8. The picnic table by the lake is my favorite photo. I want to be there!

  9. It looks like so much fun. I loved looking at all the THINGS! Have a great day.

  10. such stunning views!! it must be a very great adventure, you look so happy, Karen!

  11. Looks like a great time! I miss the Northwest!


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