Monday, July 11, 2011

Mary Jane’s Farm-Page 2

                               mj 053 

I have a mother-lode of pictures from Mary Jane’s Farm, so I’m posting a few more for you today.  Grab a cup of coffee….sit a bit ….

            mj 071 

An adorable vintage apron hung in Mary Jane’s test kitchen  ( her temporary home after the fire destroyed the other one when her children were still young).  This is one very small kitchen space…use to be her whole house. 

        mj 070

Just one of the ‘yummies’ we had at tea.  Nasturtium cupcakes.

     mj 075 

The front porch is almost as big as the inside and cute as a button!

 mj 091 

Love this red table with the drawer!

               mj 022 

mj 076 

See all those fun vintage aluminum pans and bowls?  And I can’t help adoring that screen door….they were everywhere! 

              mj 051 

This is just part of the adorable (have I used that word already?) tent bathroom made for use by the B@B part of the farm.

                  mj 052 

The large shower is in the middle of these halves.

                  mj 055 

A tented tack room!

     mj 057

The first thing I noticed, after the floral beauty all around us, was the scents…divine scents surrounded us, as we emerged from the dusty car.  It was unbelievable!  Roses, several kinds of daisies, feverfew, just to name a few.        

                                mj 083 


            mj 081 

An apron curtain in the outhouse!  Over the top!

                                     mj 089 


          mj 087 

This was a stitchery/sewing classroom.

      mj 088 


         mj 077


  mj 065 

Meg holding one of the many hats made by Diane (Fiddlehead Farm).

                 mj 054 


 mj 085 

What a cute idea!!  Great use for those old plates.

                                              mj 092


           mj 094 

And last but not least, a little peak at the wallpapered chicken coop. 

We may have lost our way here and traveled many miles but after our visit we sure felt like we’d found home! 

It was a peaceful, enchanting ‘home away from home’….it was very hard to leave.


  1. That place... awesome eye candy. I could stay there for days. I love the apron curtains.

  2. Love the new pictures Karen. I have to say I'm pretty sure I need two of those screen doors. We had those at home on the farm, but they didn't seem like anything special at that time.
    Nancy Jo

  3. Karen, Everything looks so amazing as always.... Love your blog and so thrilled that you had a great time... I so enjoyed meeting up with the girls in Lewiston for a little fun of our own... thanks for sharing all your fun photos...

  4. I sure love those screen doors , and the apron curtain is too cute. You girls sure know how to have a good time!

  5. It really must have been so hard to leave. I'm amazed with this place!!

  6. Oh my Starz! I forgot to 'close' the Apron Curtain when I was in the "Privy"... how silly is that,,, now Thank goodness it was far away enough from everything & one! lol!

  7. Oh, my1 You've given me so many new ideas and I'm not even done with my old ones! LOL

    What a GREAT time you guys had and what a wealth of pictures and ideas you came away with...........

  8. wonderful!! I'm in love with that porch!

  9. So fun! We live just a few hours south of there and I hope (dream) we can go next summer for our anniversary. I loved her magazine and books. I never dreamed when I started reading them that I would end up a true Idaho Farmgirl myself!


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