Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Visit to Mary Jane's Farm


Four, very excited MJ Farmgirls piled in my car and we all headed to see Mary Jane Butters farm in Moscow, Idaho, yesterday.  Sharon aka, Bobbin Robin, Kim Thomas, her daughter; Grace, Katmom and me, Karen, Kpaints; rolled up and down the country roads of the Palouse, enjoying the beautiful green wheat fields and sunny skies. 

          mj 005 

 mj 001

We got lost, even stopping to ask a local farmer to help but we finally ended up in a heavenly oasis….known as Mary Jane's Farm.

                mj 044 

And what an oasis it was! 

   mj 016 

This is a campsite, complete with a gorgeous tented bed, fireplace, flowers….just divine!  We were late for tea but that didn’t stop us from jumping right in. 

mj 032 

Here’s Mary Jane, Rebekah, Meg (Mary Jane's daughter), Grace and an associate of MJ’s, all doing a little bouncing!

 mj 015

mj 018 

               mj 023 

Sweet vignettes, everywhere we looked.  

                    mj 026 


mj 027 

Being silly….me (Kpaints), Grace (Katmom) and Diane (Fiddle HeadFarm). 

mj 037 

It’s a beautiful spot right in the middle of heaven.

mj 035 

A different landscape everywhere you turn. 

                     mj 041 

Diane took us over to show us where she was staying on the farm, a gorgeous spot, right in the woods near a small lake. 

             mj 042 

Her out door sink!

   mj 043 

A place to relax and sleep.

                    mj 048

  Pure Heaven! 

                  mj 064 

Meg laughing about the bouquet of flowers she put in a vintage bed pan, for the outhouse.

                           mj 060 

This sweet pony, Peony, is hanging out near her namesakes.  This adorable pony was made by CJ and her daughter, Robin.  It made the 3000 mile trip to the farm in the back of CJ’s car.

 mj 058

                  Left to right; Diana (Grama Dinah), Robin, Sandy (Humor Me), CJ, Wende, Karen (kpaints), Meg, Rebekah, Kim (Thomas), Sharon (BobbinRobin), Grace (Katmom), Mary Jane and Diane (Fiddlehead Farm).  


  1. I have been there...right before she started doing all the staging etc....I just imagine it is absoluely gorgeous now. I don't know how she keeps something like that up. I would love to see the walled tents...

  2. I'm speechless!! This is my kind of place and my kind of good time. You all look like you're having such a great time. Thanks for sharing this adventure!!!

  3. What a beautiful place, it takes my breath away.

  4. Oh, lucky ladies!
    The countryside is beautiful.
    Your accomadations are beautiful.
    And you ladies are beautiful.
    Have fun!!

  5. Karen,
    I absolutely loved meeting you and Grace! You two are my kind of women! I would love to get together again with you. I am surely going to keep in touch.
    Your FGF,

  6. Great pictures and luckey girls to all get together.I'M JEALOUS! But I will be fine, just so nice that you all had such a good time. So nice to see the pictures of all of you.
    Are you home now? Thanks for posting the pictures.
    Nancy Jo

  7. Ok my 'partner in crime'...once again your photos are wonderful,,,& I am sure now that Meg heard my last voice message, "HELP! we're lost, & running out of food & water" she is probably sure, with out a doubt,,,we are 'CrAzY' !! hugz

  8. OMG now that is my kind of campin', I am blown away. What a place and the views, I dont think I would ever want to leave.

    I dont know where it as but on a public local tv station here in ga there is a place like that here. No hotel but tents and decorated to the hilt like you all have there.

  9. What a great day you all had!! And what a beautiful farm Mary Jane has!!

  10. LOVE the campsite!!! What fun!

  11. Karen,
    Your pictures are beautiful as are you! I had such a great time...there were a few bumps in the road (all 4,465 miles of it). All in all a good trip with lots of new friends and wonderful memories. I went junkin and found something real sweet for your trailer. I will send it as soon as I get caught up with laundry and gardening.
    Your FGF,


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