Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bunkers Resort on Williams Lake

                bunkers 012 

We were lucky enough to set up camp in a drive through site….loved that as I have a stick in my truck and this was on a hill.

              bunkers 010

Just a hop and a skip from the lake.

       bunkers 016 

Tracy, my daughter and my Grandson, Grayson. 

bunkers 009 


bunkers 003 

Confab over a green pepper.

 bunkers 020 


  bunkers 013 

Bonfire building 101

bunkers 014  

A Beautiful Day


  1. Ya gotta take advantage of every one of these glorious summer days. Happy you were able to take off and enjoy time with some of your favorite people.

  2. What a great little family getaway together! You are having a great summer! Life is beautiful my friend!

  3. How fun! What a great way to spend time with loved ones. It looked beautiful.

  4. The green pepper con fab made me lol !..Isn't it so fun to have your little trailer?

  5. Looks fabulous! Anytime spent camping is a great time to me. Love your little vintage trailer.

  6. What a great way to spend time with your family. Grayson looks like he's having a good time with Dash.

  7. Looks like you had perfect weather!! I adore the photo with Grayson and the pooch, I dont know what his name is? That is sooooo sweet!.

    I would not know where to begin to know how to drive a stick, much less tow a camper and park it. One muct have a brain for doing more that one thing at a time and I lack that. YOU sure have it mastered.

  8. Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun!!!!!
    Y'all are making wonderful memories!
    I too, love the picture of Grayson and pooch!!
    Your area of the world is so beautiful.......we're beginning to look like the desert...ugh....

  9. I'm so jealous! No camping for us again this year at the lake, as the lakes are all dry here in central Texas. If they are not totally dry, they are only mud holes now :). I'm so ready for this drought to be over. I truely miss going to the lake. This is what I look forward to the most each summer. Looks like you have a lovely place to go have fun. And of course having grand kids along is so much more fun.

  10. Looks like you had yourself some summertime fun! Ahhh, summer! :)

  11. Hey Kpaint,,, lol! ,,
    any day 'Glamping' is a beautiful day! Hugz & glad you got to get away.
    Does Mig & Juli know you snuck away camping w/o them? lololol!


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