Thursday, August 18, 2011

What’s Blooming in Your Back Yard?

c run 001 

My Stargazer Lilies are living up to their name….reaching to the sky to touch the stars.

c run 002 

These are the tallest lilies I have ever seen. 

lilies 001 

Each blossom is bigger than my hand. 

 bunkers 024 

My daughter grabbed this picture to show you how tall they are.

 c run 004 


c run 007 

I just love standing by the back door, the scent is heavenly!


  1. So beautiful, I have never seen them so tall, amazing.

  2. Those lilies are gorgeous! What have you been feeding them for breakfast?

  3. They are gorgeous.
    I only have hollyhocks blooming right now. The yard is truly sad looking!

  4. Beautiful, Karen. We have hydrangeas in full bloom now....will soon cut and dry them. Have a lovely day!!

  5. well, I haven't nothing like that!!

    your lilies are marvelous karen!! what do you add to their water? LOL

  6. Wow!! I've never seen lilies so tall!!
    Since everyone seems to be telling you what is blooming in their gardens, I will tell you about mine:
    My geraniums are looking quite good, but no flowers yet...but that's because I just planted the clippings from a friend's garden 3 weeks ago. But I must say, at least I still haven't killed them! lol

    (All black thumbs here... *wink*)

  7. Okay, what on earth are you putting in your soil????? Are you using some of your girls dropping? I tell you I have never seen flowers that tall or large. Be careful, they just may eat you...

    I am blow away by their beauty!

  8. I haven't fed these anything but water...they did the same thing last year!

  9. Wow, they are huge and sooo beautiful! Nothing like that blooming here....

  10. My gosh! They are tall and oh so lovely. What's your secret?


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