Friday, August 19, 2011

Don’t You Just Love Surprises?


I got one in the mail this week…..

                gift from diane 001 

Diane (Fiddlehead Farm @ MaryJane’s Farmgirl Connection), sent me this gorgeous shawl for my vintage Shasta trailer (Driving Ms. Daisy).  Can you see the PERFECT match on all the colors?  That’s the artist in Diane and she is just the most fun person, you will ever meet.  I met her on my recent trip to Orofino, Idaho, to meet some of MaryJane’s farmgirls and we just hit it off. Thanks so much, Diane! I just love it!

              gift from diane 002 


         gift from diane 003 

Her adorable repo postcard, says it all….”I think we could be dangerous together”….boy, the two of us in a thrift shop in Orofino, was quite enough for the natives, I am sure…..ha!  Ms. Daisy is so nicely decked out now.


  1. The shawl that Diane sent to you is super duper cute! And Yes, the colors are perfect for D.M.D.....
    Oh & by the way, congrats, sister month at the sister's dinner meet up you can show off your number! Now get busy painting or decaling your sister # on D.M.D. :>)
    Hugz & happy trails to you!

  2. How sweet of her....and it's lovely! Boy you sure have had lots of trailer fun this summer!! Love to see the pictures when you go glamping.

  3. PERFECTO!!!! The colors are so vibrant and beautiful and match perfectly!!! Surprises are wonderful!

  4. So perfect, you couldn't have hoped for something to match more perfectly. I love reading about your little trailers, they look like such a wonderful, cozy place to spend some time with nature.

  5. It's a perfect match! That was so sweet of her to send it to you. I can only imagine the two of you in the thrift stores...too much fun!

  6. Karen,
    That woven shawl just "spoke to me". I actually found it in Moscow, ID!!! I just wish my new friends weren't so far away. I will have to come back and then look out! We won't even need peach brandy or a boat to cause some havoc! Just wanted to tell you that you must be my friend, cause I miss you already.


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