Friday, August 19, 2011


                             chic 001 

My new nesting box came yesterday and I couldn’t wait to get it hung up, for the girls.  After all, that means eggs!  

           chic 002 

It’s all made of galvanized metal and easy to clean. 

chic 003 

No one has stepped foot in it yet but I am off today to get a plastic  egg to stick in the boxes so they know what to do….

chic 004 

It appears to be molting time, the girls have been shedding feathers for weeks now…I can keep up with them!

Well, I am off to some good old garage sales, with my daughter this morning…look for a ‘Thriftin’ Time’ post on Tuesday, if I get lucky!

You’ll find these nesting boxes at


  1. I just love your chickens and all the things you do for them.....enjoy it sooo much...I guess I miss my husbands chickens as much as he does.

  2. I LOVE galvanized metal!!! I'd move in there... but I'm not very good at laying eggs...


    I hope you are having FUN garage salin'!!!

    Happy Friday!

  3. When do you think I can expect my first fresh egg ever?

  4. Yippee, you got it! I hope those gals will be in there and popping out eggs in no time. IT looks great!

  5. I'm just marveling over your beautiful shots. So glad for you. Let us know how soon you get your eggs.

  6. Your girls should start delivering eggs to you reward you for all you've done for them.


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