Saturday, August 20, 2011

It’s Official!

I am now a…..


 …..sister #2062!  Yea, for me and Driving Ms. Daisy!

 ms daisy 018 (1024x783) 

She doesn’t look like much on the outside but I have done right by her on the inside.  Hopefully, this fall, if the weather holds, I will get some work done on the outside.

              sotf 006 

sotf 011 

Sisters on the Fly was started by two sisters back in 1999 with the idea that “No one has more fun!”  And no one does.  Over 2000 members in the United States ( 2062, as of today) hit the road in their vintage trailers of all makes and sizes, to enjoy fishing, bonfires, sunsets, good old home cooking, kayaking and all kinds of other activities.  They especially love to decorate them in themes…mostly, cowgirl or Western themes.  (I messed up….I’m Mexican! lol) They caravan to sites all over the country and just enjoy each other and the scenery.  Check out their website for more pictures of decorated (‘glamped’ out) trailers….  Enjoy!

I am so excited to belong to such an exciting group of gals…thanks for having me SOTF!  YEE HAW!


  1. Happy for you Karen. Have a fun September with your other Sisters.

  2. OMG, your little haven is so cute. Congrats, and have a ton of fun. I'm familiar with them. They do some amazing things with their trailers.

  3. I love what you've done on the inside. What fun you are having with those gals. I've seen some of the places they have been, totally jealous.

  4. Rollin' Rollin' Rollin....
    get them doggies rollin'
    gee my a** is swollen....
    Happy you are one of us,,,you always have been in spirit,
    now your 'leagle'! lol!
    oh & Dashy~poo is #2062 1/2 just in case you were wondering! lol!
    sister hugz!

  5. Yahooeeeee, I am so glad for you and know you are on cloud 9. I have read all about them and it looks like you will have loads of laughs.

    I cant help but smile each time I see pics of miss Daisy. She is one awesome gal. YOU have her decorated up so cute.

  6. Yay Karen...I think I will re-join this year just in case we get a chance to do a trip together..we might have to do fly ins to each other and share trailers...or I have room to park one.

  7. This sounds like so much fun, I'd love it! Ms. Daisy is looking better every time I see her.

  8. Love how you decorated your trailer--soooo cool! You've reminded me that I once had similar dreams of a gypsy-style adventure. Very fun.
    best, nadia


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