Sunday, February 26, 2012

Super Simple Sundays


Happy Sunday!  Enjoy your day.  Think Spring (it’s snowing here, again).


On March 1st, any of our followers, who don’t use Google (blogspot) will be dropped from the Followers widget on our sidebars.  Because of this change, I have added Linky Follower, so those who don’t use blogger can follow.  Become a Linky follower, so I don’t lose you…I would miss you!


  1. It's been such crazy weather all over! We had 80 on Friday, 69 on Saturday and today it's cold(65) and rainy. A lazy simple Sunday!
    Love your new ride, won't you look good pulling your sweet trailer.Someday I will have one!!
    Enjoy your day~SueBee

  2. OH..I wondered why I was seeing Linky followers? Good idea. Did picnik credit you your membership money back? They did for us.
    Have a lovely day Karen. Watching the Oscars????

  3. I love the sweet smiley faces of pansies. They are truly a happy flower! Yes, you are styling in that new rig! I keep looking at new vehicles but so far the Tahoe keeps on keeping! I would love to downsize but I need it to tow the trailer. Sending hugs your direction!!

  4. I hope you are not sending that snow in my direction when you are done with it.


  5. Lovely pictures of those Pansy flowers,cute faces.I am already signed up on both :-).Have a great day.

  6. Love the pretty pansies. Well, it does feel a bit like spring here this weekend. It's no wonder my nose and eyes have been itching this past week. I'm with ya on Linky.

  7. need to sign up for that. (it does not affect blogger blogs as I understand. at least not for now.)
    Hope not anyway. I have not changed over.


    PS sometimes I just cannot stand having to do one more thing on computer!

  8. Pansies are my very favorite flower..... cheerful little faces!!


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