Monday, April 30, 2012

An Overnighter…

rosa-gracies 009

I spent a quick overnight on Friday with some friends, with vintage trailers, over at my friend, Gracie’s house.  It was very cool at night but slightly warm during the day.  This is Mig’s trailer.  Love those colors.  She has a Hawaiian theme. 

rosa-gracies 008

This is Cori’s absolutely adorable trailer with a fabulous floor plan…one I have never seen.  And check out her babies……

                  rosa-gracies 016 


                 rosa-gracies 011

Gracie always knows where to find the hot spots!!! 

rosa-gracies 010

Don’t you love the polka dots?

         rosa-gracies 012

My little home on wheels….

                    rosa-gracies 018 

Lovely campfires….. 

rosa-gracies 014

Lovely sunsets…

rosa-gracies 019

Great friends (Mig)….

rosa-gracies 022


rosa-gracies 027


 rosa-gracies 034


It was a short but quality fun time…we even got some crafting and sewing done.


Check out this party…


  1. Look at the fun you girls had. Oh to find some Sisters close to me for overnighters!! Here's to a start of a great weekend!

  2. What great fun! Loved the wooden sign that said Chunky Dunkin'!!!

  3. So much fun to have some sister time!!

  4. What fun! Wow! Great pictures!

  5. FUN!!! I'm thinking a cute little trailer would be awesome to have.
    Sorry about Rosa...

  6. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your adventures. Love the polka dots. Even the dogs look like they're having a great time.


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