Monday, July 21, 2014

Safely Tucked Away At Home

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I am safe from the fire, it is 40% contained.  About 100 homes were threatened but none were damaged or lost.  We were downgraded to level 1 on Sunday and many breathed a sigh of relief… I did.  My friend Sallie, said the fire was just across the road from her long driveway…..that would have been too much for me!  I was 7 miles away and that was way too close! 


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Back to canning today.  I am ready to can up my Bread and Butter Pickles, like those on the right.  I already did 19 quarts of Dill’s, so my Zucchini Relish is next.  Not sure I will get that done before I head out camping to Elk River, ID, on Thursday.


  1. Whew! I can hardly imagine your relief!
    I went to Elk River for Mother's day.
    Have fun! You deserve it!

  2. This is wonderful news for everyone who has been threatened. Your pickles look so yummy, have fun with the rest of the process.

  3. So glad to hear this. I'm sure you are relieved. Happy canning.

  4. All of this looks so very good! Glad to hear you are safe from the fire.

  5. I am still eating up the last of the relish from last year. I am so glad you are away from the fire and I pray they get it completely under control

  6. Glad you are safe Karen! I hate fires, especially summer ones. Here in Southern CA we get our share! You have been a busy bee canning! It all looks so yummy. Have a fun camping trip! xox

  7. I didn't realize how close you were Karen. Glad all is well and that you are safe.a


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