Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farm Chicks Weekend Page 2

sotf 086

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning!

      sotf 084


           sotf 082


sotf 085

What a truly beautiful morning! As I promised here are some more fun trailers!

       sotf 067

The Love Shack….sotf 071


sotf 069 

This is a Field and Stream, first one I have ever seen.  Notice the front side window…an odd shape. I think these trailers are kinda’ rare. 

Lilli Port (the driver), was a ‘newbie’, as well.  It was so much fun to visit with other gals, who were on their first ‘glamping’  adventure, too!  (There were three of us.) 

 sotf 068 

All decked out in ‘field and stream’!

  sotf 072 

I love this one(right up my alley)…Carolyn, just got this one and is going to cover it with all kinds of sayings…loving this!

 sotf 074 

This ‘Little Loafer’ is the smallest trailer I have ever seen!  But sure looked big inside.

  sotf 076 

This is a Kit…another rare one.  The inside was decked out in red, white and blue.  Maybe next time, we will get to see the inside, no one was home.

  sotf 077 

There were two Tabs at our outing, both different but look at this cute orange and silver one!  There is even a kitchen in it!

  sotf 078 

This is Rene Groom’s trailer, didn’t get to see her interior until it was dark.  She and farmgirls came up from Prosser, WA.  This is the one I stayed in last year when I went down for the Farmgirl roundup in Prosser.  Thanks again, Rene!

  sotf 079 

Yes, that is a bed in a tent!  Another Prosser gal didn’t have her trailer ready so she came in ‘tenting’ style!

  sotf 081 

How cute is this?  Tent ‘glamping’ Mary Jane Butters way!  Love it!

  sotf 088 

Here’s a few candid shots from out exhilarating weekend…

sotf 089


                  sotf 087


sotf 105 

Here are some of the twenty plus ‘glampers’ getting ready for our Saturday evening party.  Check out those costumes on the left!

          sotf 107 

I never saw so many cute cowboys boots in one place in my whole life  (what?  I have a life?)…..I do now! 

                sotf 111 



  sotf 112 

Strange goings on……

                     sotf 093

Here’s our fearless leader again!  Thanks so much Gracie, for organizing beautiful campsites, coordinating all our events, making sure we all got settled in and found our way to join up with other like minded Sisters on the Fly, MaryJane’s Farmgirls and a few loose nuts and bolts (including me).  We had a really wonderful adventure!  What I want to know is….Can we do this again….next week?


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    1. Man! That looks like total, absolute fun! I have a tiny little motorhome. I get mighty lonely on the road. What are the chances you come out to southern California?...just sayin'

  2. Double and triple WOW~ I am blown away by the landscape photo, to be able to wake early in the morning and see that view and smell the fresh air. AWESOME!

    Then to have your travel buddies all around with all the laughter and those wild and wooly campers. I don't think I could ever get enough of looking at those trailers, Each one is a work of art.

    Alot of us are still having trouble and I am one for trying to post a comment. If you will change your comment screen to a pop up page, then those that are having trouble can post. It took me 4 tries.

    Tammy Simple Southern Happiness.

  3. How fun...those trailers are awesome as well as you gals in cowboy boots....what a hoot...

  4. Oh my gosh, the scenery you woke up to is so gorgeous...... your photography is fantastic!!!!!

    Oh what fun you girls had.......I didn't know anything about these precious little trailers and all the fun to be had with them. You are definitely widening my horizons.
    Love all the pictures!

  5. Hey ... I think its gonna work this time!

  6. Well, that was fun...even though I wasn't there in person! Thanks for the fun trip.

  7. If I could wake up to that amazing scene I would hop out of bed at the crack of dawn everyday.

  8. So much fun!!! Wow, I feel the excitement and certainly understand how you would want to do it again. I love that Lil Loafer and the Menopause Mansion!!

  9. What a beautiful setting. Your photos are gorgeous. I absolutely love those campers.

  10. looks like you was having great time!! love your photos, many creativity in that trip!

  11. Haha! I finally got photos posted on my blog,,,, I wish I had had more time to get more pics...glad you did,,,,and they are great!
    See ya @ Girl Camp in 18 days....

  12. what fantastic campers, brings back childhood memories, hope you all had a blast


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